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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Integrated Google Ads 

You know what I hate, f'ing ads. Everyone and their grandmother is trying to fool people into clicking their lame google text ads to earn easy money. I was reading a blog on Somewhat Frank about Strategic Board, a new service that shows a list of IT blogs. Okay that is cool I guess, but what is lame is that in between each listing they try to make a Google text ad appear like it is part of the results, tricking you into clicking it.

This type of crap really ticks me off. I am not one for ads period, I understand the importance of them from a financial standpoint, but come on, have some dignity and make one blog site without a google ad.

I am all for Google I think they are a great company with fabulous ideas, I just think people take their products too far and start to make them lame, not Google, their products. Sorry to rant I am just sick and tired of seeing damn ads. I don't click them and never will.

Oh and don't say I put them on my blog because it helps pay for hosting, shut it, must blogs are not using anywhere close to the bandwidth needed to generate a large bill, and if that was the case you would have your own advertisers.

This was not written to offend anyone, just my opinion, and if you are offended, I don't care too much. Anyway it is better to be pissed off than to be pissed on.

Final Answer: Ads suck!


At 9:01 AM EST, Blogger Sarah said...

i can't believe you don't like my google ads! they're keeping me above the poverty line!

just kidding. i was talked into putting them on my site, and i'm sure less than one person has ever clicked on them.

i guess i agree with you. google text ads are like those ugly weight loss ads for xenadrine and the like that you see in magazines. ugly!

At 6:18 PM EST, Blogger Jeff said...

Yeah but your ads are not embedded in content to make them look like content. An ad is an ad is an ad, but I hate when people try to trick you into clicking an ad.

At 9:33 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a design standpoint I think they could have integrated the Google ads more seamlessly. Right now it is just make me like they are trying to trick me into clicking them...I agree with you!

At 7:36 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback on Strategic Board. I agree with your comment and we've changed accordingly.

Mary Christmas,
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At 12:54 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard similar comments from other coders in the past. It makes me wonder what the coders working for Ad companies like Google AdWords, Chitika, or Yahoo Search Marketing think. Are they anti-ad as well?

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