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Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Katrina Coverage 

Okay so as I still sit fixed watching the boob tube about Katrina, I get more and more fed up with Bush. I just really dislike the man. I didn't vote for him and wish he would just disappear.

How long does it take to get help down to these people? Of course their is more to blame than Bush but in my opinion (besides mother nature) he created this mess. Do I agree with Kanye West in saying he doesn't like black people? I do. Whether that has anything to do with this or not, I think he is only out for the rich white man, which sucks. The only thing he does is make his rich friends richer. If it does not benefit them, he doesn't care, or at least that's how it seems.

These poor people in the south had to go through an ordeal I hope we never see again. I can guarantee that if this happened in his neck of the woods or things would have been different. The response time would have been sooner. And I don't want to hear we couldn't get to people. In this day and age when you can launch satellites into space to take a picture of my house, you can reach a disaster vicitim.

Another thing is how the hell did moron Brown with zero disaster experience ever get put in his position? Oh wait he is Bush's buddy. Way to go Bush, put all your friends in power and screw up the world. Too bad we didn't have more of our troops here to help the south. They are off fighting a war that's not needed. Why can't we take care of our country first? We have sick and dying here in the USA.

I think Talib Kweli put it best when saying "We got a Dick and a Bush in office, a whole lot of fucking is what we gonna get." That is how I feel everyday more and more every time I see the great George Dub. I actually think he gave the same speech for New Orleans as he did for Iraq.

"It is going to be a long tough process, but we will prevail..." Shut up, we as a country will never prevail with the Bush in office. I know he has a tough job, but damn, could you be any worse at your job? I vote to impeach this son of an arse.

One thing I saw tonight on TV was the mayor of New Orleans was asked who is at fault, and I thought it was great that he didn't dodge the question. He said "We all are, I could have done more." I thought that was the best thing I have heard from a politician in years, the truth! It takes a real person to admit when they are wrong and could have done better.

I wish the best for everyone in the south affected by Katrina, I will keep you in my prayers. As for Bush, I will pray he is out of a job soon.


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