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Friday, August 26, 2005

Toasted squirrel anyone? 

Okay so today I had off from work. I worked last weekend so I had a comp day today. Nice I know, but hey working weekends sucks arse. I got up around 7:30 took a shower, let the dog out, and hopped on the computer.

I check my email then started to load a few programs on my wife's PDA. All the sudden I heard a loud pop and all the power went out. Ah shit, I thought at first this damn PDA program sucks, it killed all the power to my house. Just kidding, that would be some virus though.

I went outside all checked other people's houses that run off the same transformer and no one had any power. I proceeded to call the power company to let them know. I got to talk to computer Susan, she rocked, all her automated questions were on point.

After I called the power company I took a walk to see what killed the transformer. I walked a block or so and there was the culprit. I toasted squirrel. A redneck's breakfast. I felt bad for the thing but not that bad.

They have been killing all of our flower beds in the yard so it was almost a sweet revenge. Nothing like seeing your enemy black, charred, and smoking at 8:45 in the AM.

I feel bad for the rest of the squirrel community, but they shouldn't play with electricty. Dumb fur ball and STOP EATING MY FLOWERS!

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