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Sunday, August 21, 2005 : Version 2 

I was recently brought on to this project to help upgrade the site as it tries to eliminate splogs from the blogosphere. We've added some new features to the site to make it easier for people to submit splogs.

We've added a bookmarklet that will allow a user to add it to their bookmark toolbar in their browser to easily report splogs. Once you have installed the bookmarklet all you need to do is click the link if you are at a potential splog and the details are sent to the site. This should really speed up the process. Oh and you won't even lose your page, once you click the bookmarklet it sends the data in a new window.

Version two has been spiced up a bit. A little cleaner and a bit more efficient for the end user. We have added a news section to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the site.

We have also added a cookie to remember a user's specific information. When you submit a splog you are required to submit your name and email address. Why? We are trying to keep track of who submitted what. When a potential splog gets determined to be a splog, all users that have submitted that URL will receive a point. In the future we will potentially being using that point scale to give back to the users.

We are really excited about this project. If you would like to help us promote this project, visit this page to grab a small graphic for your site. Every little bit will help.

You can let us know what you think about this project here.

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