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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Snapple Fact 

So today I get home from work, pop open a diet peach Snapple and like any other time read my daily Snapple fact. Did you know there are three times the amount of cars in Los Angeles than people? Typically I read my snapple fact and merely say "Huh, that's cool", or "I did not know that". Even though I didn't know this fact, this stat blew my mind.

First of all I can barely afford to pay one car payment let alone three. Given some in L.A. probably don't have a car, that means that some people have more than three cars. Why? No wonder our gas prices are through the roof. We as Americans over indulge in everything. That is why we are also the most obese country in the world, but that is besides the fact.

There are 3,694,820 people in L.A. according to That means there are 11,084,460 automobiles in L.A. alone. That is an astounishing number. No wonder the freeways are jammed packed and the air looks like God is smoking a cigar, exhaling all his second hand smoke in L.A.

That leads me to my other thought about Snapple facts. Is someone's job at Snapple just to come up with meaningless information? What a great job. Scour the internet and encyclopedias all day for information that you will probably never need. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Snapple fact #50 : Mosquitoes have 47 teeth. (who'd thunk it?)

See if you know your facts according to Snapple here. (Flash Required)

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At 8:23 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:33 PM EDT, Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks for the comments. Are you planning on expanding your site at all? Is so let me know and I can link to your site from here.

At 7:21 AM EDT, Blogger rosey said...

That's a really cool snapple site, thanks for getting that out there.

I can't believe that about L.A., I never realized that there were that many cars out there. I wonder if the ratio is bigger in NYC.

On a completely seperate and random note, I was floating across blog-land this morning and found this incredibly disturbing, and at the same time, hilarious photo. Maybe they can put this under a Snapple bottle.


Outta here like Guinevere

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