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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ever hear of a Splog? 

I was reading a post by a friend of mine here. It is about all these blogs popping up on free blog servers like this one that are nothing but spam, hence the name splog (Spam Blog). He took the initiative and created phase one of Splog Reporter.

Splog Reporter will allow anyone to report a blog that is spam. What good does this do for you? Search engines like Ice Rocket are being clogged with spam blogs. When you do a search for blogs that interest you, you get spammed results. This sucks! With Splog Reporter you can report these blogs. When this tool catches on the list can be used by search engines to filter out blogs that have been determined spam.

What a great idea. Right now it is in BETA mode, just started up this weekend. A lot of work will be going into making this tool the tool to use to report splogs.

More Information
Splog Reporter
BLOG: Spam + Blog = Splog : How Is It Affecting The Blogosphere? (Frank Gruber)
BLOG: A splog here, a splog there, pretty soon it ads up… and we all lose (Mark Cuban)

Chime in out what you think about Splogs and Splog Reporter.

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