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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Caffeine Withdrawl 

Okay for the past 2.5 days I have had no caffeine. I am kicking my soda habit. I am trying to drink only green tea (minimal caffeine), water, gatorade, powerade, or juices. Why? I don't know I go through phases. I am sure it will only last for a few weeks but hey why not.

For lent I gave up soda for 40 days, it was pretty easy. But this time I have had the biggest headache for the past 2 days straight. No aspirin of any size would be able to handle this banger. I guess I am going through caffiene withdrawl, at least that is what I hope it is. If not, then I might have some larger issues.

As far as soda, that crap weighs me down. It is a double edge sword, soda has too much sugar, and diet soda has too much fake sugar. Both are bad for you, I guess.

Who knows anymore, one day something is the best thing ever for you, the next you will get cancer if exposed. Tomorrow they are going to release that water dehydrates you and causes baldness. I made that up in case you didn't know.

Okay back to my withdrawl, it sucks, but it is good for me. I can't see my body being dependent on any substance. I smoked for eight years, this withdrawl ain't got nothing on that. I guess I just never knew caffeine withdrawl would cause an issue like this. DAMN YOU CAFFEINE!

I'm off like a prom dress!


At 11:40 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes tobacco withdrawl is MUCH easier than caffeine withdrawl.

Caffeine is like a spider that sits on my brain sucking the blood upwards. and now that the spider is off my brain is hurting!

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At 4:06 AM EST, Anonymous car insurance rate said...

Caffeine is bad for you. One time i had a stroke cause of it. Lots of RedBull and vodka

At 3:49 AM EST, Blogger Nikola said...

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