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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mr. A to Z 

Alright I know I just freaking posted, but I forgot to mention this. The new Jason Mraz album is nice. I am still pretty new to rock and rock type music. I typically listen to mainly hip-hop, funk, and turntable music (not techno, things like DJ Z-trip or DJ Shadow). I have really been getting into Mraz, Jack Johnson, and G. Love.

Mraz is probably one of my favorites. His live stuff is a lot cooler to me, he ad-libs half his songs when he is live. If you want to download some live concerts go here to do so. One of my favorite live performances of his is located here.

His new album has a good vibe to it. Half mellow half vivrant and refreshing. He seems to be a bit of a strange bird sometimes, but it works, and he is extremely talented. If you haven't heard anything by him I would suggest checking out a few tracks or pick up the album.

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At 12:24 PM EDT, Anonymous Somewhat Frank said...

I am also a big Jason Mraz fan. He is like a rapper in a guitar players body, the way his lyrics cleverly flow. I have never seen him live but would like to. I'll have to check out some of his live performances. Thanks!

At 6:36 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack Johnson is way better than Mraz.

At 6:55 PM EDT, Blogger Jeff said...

That is a matter of opinion. They are both good in my book, two seperate styles.

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